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Seminars International Executive Champion Training

-Two Modules
-Downloadable Format
-Online Testing
-Completion Certificate

The Role Of The Executive Champion

Executive Champions lead and direct improvement initiatives within their organization and are ultimately responsible for the long term success of Lean Six Sigma program.  Champions must be integrated into the business, fully understand the Lean Six Sigma process, select projects accurately, adjust the speed of the deployment as necessary, and take responsibility for implementation.  The Seminars International Executive Champion program describes the Lean Six Sigma methodology, how it is used, the types of issues it addresses and the requirements for initiating and managing a Lean Six Sigma project.  It outlines the criteria for successful deployment and clearly outlines the executive involvement necessary to ensure alignment of Lean Six Sigma projects and initiatives with the company’s strategic focus.

This training program is delivered via 2 online modules.

Module 1: The Basic Fundamentals of Lean Thinking & Six Sigma

  • Lean’s Seven Wastes – Identification and some elimination techniques
  • Lean 5S, Kanban – Workplace organization and implementation
  • Six Sigma Roles & Responsibilities
  • The Define-Measure-Analyze-Improve-Control (DMAIC) Methodology
  • The Problem Solving Strategy of Y=f(x)
  • 5 Whys 

Module 2: The Role Of The Lean Six Sigma (Executive) Champion

  1. Business and Operations Interface
  2. Lean Six Sigma Project Selection
  3. Pace Mediation
  4. Issue Resolution
  5. Results Implementation 

Executive Champion certification requires demonstration of comprehension through a passing score of an online test.  Successful completion demonstrates an understanding of core Lean Six Sigma principles and knowledge of the core components of a successful Lean Six Sigma initiative.

The Two Module Set With Link To Online Exam - $189