All Healthcare Certification Courses

All Healthcare Certification Courses

Certified HIPAA Security Professional (CHSP)

The course curriculum for the Certified HIPAA Security Professional (CHSP) program provides comprehensive training in HIPAA for Business Associates, IT Security, Practice Managers, and Medical Staff at the Compliance Officer level. This CHSP Certification meets all federal and industry regulatory requirements for Compliance Officer Certification .

The CHSP designation has been fully accredited by the International Association of Continuing Education and Training (IACET) through a training partnership with Corexcel Learning and is eligible for convertible college credit. It is also approved by the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC) for annually required nursing CEU. Physician CME is additionally available via select partnership distribution.

Certified PCI-DSS Security Compliance Professional (CPCIP)

Certificate of ICD-10 Proficiency for Clinical Providers & Consultants (CIPCP): Multi-Specialty Edition

Certified EHR Management Professional (CEMP)

The CEMP Certification delivers deep understanding of EHR project management for consultants, clinicians, and practice managers. The training describes best practices for implementation, optimizing workflow, understanding Meaningful Use, Health Information Exchange, and more.

Participants also engage in hands-on workflow exercises using a certified EHR application. The hands-on EHR exercises are designed to teachstudents the fundamentals of electronic medical record workflow. The live, certified EHR solution creates a working environment similar in design to most of the major certified products on the market, allowing for a flexible learning experience applicable to multiple platforms and medical workplaces.

Successful completion of this course awards a Certification in EHR Project Management which has been reviewed and authorized by the 4Medapproved professional medical and technical advisory boards.

    Certificate of ICD-10-CM Coding Proficiency (CICP) for Coding Professionals

    The CICP Certificate describes the key changes in coding with the implementation of ICD-10-CM Diagnostic Coding. The course enables coders and others responsible for coding to translate their knowledge of ICD-9-CM to the new version of the classification system. The course is designed as a bridge between the coding sets.

    The course includes new conventions and chapter specific coding guidelines, with a comprehensive description of new concepts andprotocols in the expanded code set. It focuses on chapters that contain significant changes to coding protocols. The course includes all required supplemental materials, including the ICD-10-CM Official Guidelines for Coding and Reporting 2014.

    Successful completion of this course awards a Certificate of ICD-10-CM Coding Proficiency which has been reviewed and authorized by the 4Medapproved professional medical and technical advisory boards, in partnership with Libman Education Inc., a leading provider of online coding education.

      Certified Healthcare Technology Professional (CHTP)

      The CHTP Certification provides comprehensive training for technology specialists on health IT. Students who complete the course will be able to identify and deploy the best technology for medical sites; understand implementation methodology for healthcare environments; manage EHR rollout and digital technology projects; explain HIPAA, HITECH, and Meaningful Use compliance requirements; select proper encryption technology and employ encryption techniques in practice; and define the most frequently used health technology terminology. The program is presented through self-paced online lessons, multimedia review, and assessments, as well as a final exam.

      Successful completion of this course awards a Certification in Healthcare Technology Proficiency which has been reviewed and authorized by the 4Medapproved professional medical and technical advisory boards.

        Certified HIT Security Administrator (CHSA)

        This course provides in-depth training on conducting the Security Risk Analysis (SRA) in ambulatory environments, including both interview-based Risk Assessment in alignment with ONC-OCR and NIST standards, and IT Infrastructure Assessment. The series also instructson how to build compliance programs, satisfy overlapping regulations, implement encryption, leverage security for hardware upgrades, and more!

        The Certified HIPAA Security Professional (CHSP)
        or any equivalent approved HIPAA Certification
        is a basic pre-requisite to attend this CHSA workshop.

        Successful completion of this course awards a Certification in HIT Security which has been reviewed and authorized by the 4Medapproved professional medical and technical advisory boards.