“Last week’s Webinar for Labeling was really great!  I am making a notebook with all the slides for easy reference.

Thanks so much!”

-C.C. Papa John’s International


“I have really been enjoying the seminars I’ve attended to date. I attended this one to compare my current lab audit process with that of a third party- Ziva’s approach and check list validated mine which will help with buy-in of the process with our plant managers (sometimes brewers forget that beer is a food….;).”

-T.D., MillerCoors


“[Dr. Lawless], I received by e-mail, the announcement of your Webinar “The Top Ten Mistakes in Sensory Evaluation”, and I resolved to attend. I listened to your explanation and saw the slides. You have a didactic way to tell about important matters in the study area of sensory evaluation. I loved attending the Webinar. Congratulations on your excellent work!”

– Professor Helena Maria Andre Bolini, Ph.D. , School of Food Engineering, University of Campinas, Brazil


“Our Nutrition Labeling Department at Kellogg participated in your labeling webinar and found it very informative. I appreciate having an expert…in continuing education. You’re helping to raise the bar.”

-B.L., Kellogg


“Thank you for your last minute help! We got on with no problems, really appreciated it and found the webinar very relevant and helpful.”

-M.M., Starbucks


“Thank you for the great webinar on Food Labeling! I have spent the past month cross referencing labeling guidelines and have been frustrated with the lack of comprehensive resource to address all of the labeling caveats…Lauren did an excellent job combining and addressing the many facets.”

– E.W., Natural Fruit Corporation


“I thought [the webinar] was excellent. The content, the length and the willingness of Mr. Marler to stay on line to answer questions. I also appreciate the extra length you went to get us the power point. Thank you.”

– J.B., Hagens Berman Sobol Shapiro LLP


“What you are doing is very innovative and you do an excellent job [for] the scientific community.”

– S.G. , Seafood Products Association


“I liked that the webinar was long enough to be educational, but wasn’t too long. I also liked that I received the Power Point slides for my own reference after the presentation.”

– A.C. , Kraft


“I would recommend FSI to colleagues because it was well organized and a simple set up webinar.”

– A.L. , Nestle


“I would recommend this to others. This is a great way to gain knowledge and information without leaving my place of work.”

– B.G., ACH Food Companies


“It’s an easy way to gain knowledge on a topic without having to attend a seminar, conference, etc.”

– R.R., McCormick


“Highly recommend. Listeria II–outstanding.”

– G.W., Missouri Dept. Of Agriculture


“The topic and speaker were excellent, and the webinar format is convenient.”

– M.B., Government of Ontario, Canada


“I think FSI is a good resource to those in the food safety industry.”

– M.G., Amy’s Kitchen


“It was easy to understand and follow along, and very educational”

– M.A., High Liner Foods


“It’s very convenient to hear from the experts in this manner.”

– K.O., General Mills


“That was an awesome webinar – it had so much information for multiple audiences.”

– S.J., Clorox


“Thank you! This will be a valuable tool in our Integrated Solutions program at Lohmann Animal Health Intl., Inc.”

– Sandy, Lohmann Animal Health Intl., Inc.


“Dr. Warriner had an excellent presentation and was very comprehensive. He is very knowledgeable about the subject matter. He is also a very enthusiastic presenter.”

– L.K., Morton Salt