Our Mission

Our mission is to provide cutting-edge information and research on food safety and related fields limiting the liability faced by organizations and promoting the health of the general public through our educational seminars. While the health and welfare of the individual consumer is paramount, our attention is also on the economic well-being of those entities that procure, process, manufacture, package, store, and distribute our foods, as well as those who manufacture and maintain the equipment used throughout the food supply chain. The burgeoning ethical and regulatory issues faced by the industry will also be addressed.

Topic Categories:

  • Safety and Defense: Sanitation, Foodborne Illness, Biodefense, Quality Assurance and Control
  • Technology: Innovations throughout the Food Supply Chain, Nanoscience
  • Ethical Issues: Environmental and Socio-economic Consequences, Managing Resources, Genetic Engineering
  • Regulations: Laws and Public Policy – Domestic and International, Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA)
  • Health and Nutrition: Making Safe Food Choices, Sodium Reduction, Raw Milk, Organic Farming and Eating
  • Quantitative: Statistics, Meta-Analysis, Epidemiology, Record-Keeping
  • Sensory Science: Discrimination Testing, Equivalence, Product Development
  • Food Labeling: Language, Origin, Kids, GMO, Nutraceuticals, USDA vs. FDA
  • Packaging:  Shelf Life, Biobased, HPP
  • Management: Lean Six, Culture, Recalls, Disaster Recovery


Online training for busy professionals who want to receive cutting-edge information presented by leaders in their respective fields. You save time and money by not having to leave your home or office for these intensive 75-90 minute sessions.

Although some webinars will closely relate to one field, many will have broad application across disciplines. We believe cross-disciplinary training promotes out-of-the-box thinking and creative solutions through exposure to new ideas and methods. Webinars provide valuable information when you need it most – Now!


Our seminars are the preferred option for those professionals who desire a more in-depth, personal and interactive learning experience. Recognized experts present face-to-face education and solutions to your most pressing issues.

The sessions are generally 2 or 3 concentrated days in state-of-the-art learning facilities.  Seminars provide an opportunity to explore and tailor the learning process through questions and answers in a group setting allow you to network with colleagues who share the same professional interests.

On-Site Training

Seminars International will customize a training curriculum to meet the unique needs of your company or department. We send internationally recognized experts to your site providing both the convenience and the powerful benefit of a curriculum tailored to your specific needs.   Our trainers are specifically selected for their hands-on practical experience in their areas of expertise.

Whether the training is focused on industry-specific regulatory issues, process improvement, quality control, or strategic in nature, our trainers will design a program to meet your needs.