October 22, 2014 Building Quality Improvement Teams JR

How To Build Quality Improvement Teams

October 22, 2014 – Noon to 1:30 PM (EDT)


This webinar will cover how to develop and implement functional, cross functional, production, supervisorial and specialized teams requires new thinking and organizational change that can head off many of the interdepartmental quality issues managers and production meetings are not aware of.  Learning to build effective teams is not complex, does not cost your company a ton of money and begins with team oriented policy and operational changes.

Effective team building that focuses on quality (and other) problems has been shown to smooth all operational functions.  Quality and process improvement teams can learn to prioritize and attack problems in all business functions at the corporate and facility levels.

Learning objectives 

  • Learn team organizational concepts
  • Identify team types and learn how to operationalize them
  • Follow a step-by-step approach to implementation
  • Be able to focus specialized teams on special problem areas
  • Be able to teach your teams to use a basic team problem solving and reporting process
  • Extend the quality team concept to your suppliers
  • Learn to focus teams on quality cost issues

Areas covered in this webinar

  • Basic team building, setting team targets and goals
  • Establishing organizational teamwork
  • Functional and cross functional teams
  • Team trigger mechanisms
  • Production teams
  • Establishing team rules
  • Getting rapid response from supervisors, engineers and other support staff
  • Team cost controls and reward structures

Who will benefit from this webinar

  • Upper level management at both the corporate and facility levels
  • Functional managers, directors and supervisors
  • Production personnel
  • Selected internal personnel with leadership potential
  • U.S. and international manufacturers
  • Operations and manufacturing personnel
  • HR personnel

Presenter – Dr. John Ryan

JohnRyanDr. John Ryan is the president of RyanSystems.com.  He holds a Ph.D. in research and statistical methods.  He has successfully lead and facilitated the building of quality systems in the U.S., Thailand, Malaysia, the Philippines, Korea, Singapore in small and large companies in deep trouble and those faced by rapid growth.  He has successfully worked at the corporate and facility levels helping teams to design, implement and measure team impact.  His training and high involvement approach has set manufacturing, service, agriculture and Internet companies on the path to building new reputations among their competitors and for customers.

After holding quality engineering, director and vice president positions in both quality and operations, Dr. Ryan has led a successful career by providing training and consulting support to companies like Intel, Seagate, The Hawaii State Department of Agriculture, ACTON, CCTC the Orfalea Graduate School of business at Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo, California and others.  Dr. Ryan’s book “The Quality Team Concept in total Quality Control” was published by American Society for Quality

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